About eGrowth

eGrowth is a Technology enabled platform for business development.  We are building a dynamic ecosystem for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to grow and flourish. We have been building the community since 2014. The business owners communicate through Social Media and also have frequent meetings.

We create highly profitable businesses through –

  • Business Networking
  • Trade Shows & Exhibitions
  • Trainings & Workshops
  • Business Consulting
  • Lead Generation

This is an ongoing journey to cause Exponential Growth in Business

Our Mission

Being the catalyst for Exponential Growth in Business

Our Vision

We envision an environment of businesses which grow exponentially. These are responsible businesses which use Sustainable practices and Ecofriendly methods for conducting the business. They Do More with Less.

The eGrowth Promise

Evolving businesses through collaboration to create unlimited opportunities.

The eGrowth Engagement Model

eGrowth intends to be  engaged with the businesses such that they cause holistic growth. The underlying approach is to Engage with the businesses and enable them for consistent Growth

We work towards creating Value for the participants. To ensure this we get Subject Matter Experts onboard, Study and share Policies, We also have a pool of investors and funding organizations. We also collaborate with Trade bodies

We Enable


Bringing the business owners together is the fundamental thing. Shifting form a competitive mindset toa collaborative mindset


Excellence is all about taking the business to next level. It has 4 pillars – Business Networking, Information On Demand, Technology / Tools and Training


Once the fundamentals are in order, the opportunities which get created are more robust

Our Engagement Model


Meet and Network with the best minds across Industries


In an age where information is in access, availability appropriate information is critical


As efficiency becomes more important, adoption of technology becomes very important. We bring in the best resources to take the business on growth trajectory


An organization which stops learning, stops growing. We bridge the gap between the trainer and the ones to be trained

What eGrowth Members Say About Us

We have over 6000 members across India who use this platform on daily basis