eGrowth@Biz, puts your business on growth track. It allows you to look at finer details of your business. It exposes gaps in your approach and delivery. As you address these gaps, your business starts to break barriers. You keep on creating records hitherto unheard of.

The next question is ….How do such unprecedented results happen…


You interact with a variety of business people. This expands your horizon and allows you to look at business from a broader perspective.

  • Your priorities, Country’s priorities, World Economy
  • Your business, Other businesses
  • Your location, Other locations
  • Smaller businesses, Larger businesses
  • High Technology businesses, Rudimentary businesses
  • And many more perspectives


You seek support from other business owners. All participants in eGrowth@Biz are eager to extend a helping hand. This provides an environment for Growth, unlike the normal business world where you get people who pull you down more often than give you that thrust to the next level

  • This allows you to create greater value in your business
  • It allows you to test your products / services at no or very little cost
  • A gap in your approach / product is disregarded and you get another chance to deliver
  • It is like Bungee jumping, you take the risk of jumping and eGrowth@Biz supports you with the harness




You get an environment of Mentorship. You get to use the ecosystem to sharpen your business acumen. You have access to some of the Gurus in the business spaces.

  • eGrowth@Biz takes a lot of pain to get some world class coaches and consultants onboard. They are available to you for formal engagements and informal conversations
  • eGrowth@Biz has a Think Tank which has professionals who are masters in their right. These are people who have caused unprecedented results during their career and are eager to share their learnings with others
  • Every fellow business owner is a Mentor to you, if you relate to him / her like one.
  • Its like a mountaineering expedition, you carry your load and you have company to keep you on track


You source services and material from this ecosystem. Your fellow business owners also run their businesses. They become trusted partners by offering their products / services to your business

  • The business owners at eGrowth@Biz offer many service and products. The variety increases with every passing day
  • As you source more and more of your requirements from your fellow businessmen. This sets all businesses from eGrowth@Biz on a growth path.
  • You contribute in the growth of a fellow business owner


You Expand your horizon eGrowth@Biz remains invested in a collaborative model. We constantly expand our reach through alliances.

  • eGrowth@Biz has been expanding exponentially, from the day it was conceived
  • The number of businesses associated with eGrowth@Biz have been increasing on daily basis
  • The places where eGrowth@Biz business owners are present has been growing
  • The number of domain specialists is increasing
  • We have tied up with Learning & Development organizations, Technology companies, Industry bodies* and this has given us a reach beyond our imagination a few quarters back
  • eGrowth@Biz services your needs in Sales & Marketing, Management Consulting, Office Space, Industrial Space Human Resources, Soft Skills, Funding, Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Investments… anything you can think of to run your business.
  • eGrowth@Biz is with you throughout the lifecycle – Ideation, Inception, Organic Growth, Merger / Acquisition or Divestment.


You get to grow your business.As you continue to contribute to other businesses, Your business gets better recognition and it goes into the next orbit of growth

  • eGrowth@Biz is a Trust network. As you keep on investing in trust, Your business keeps flourishing
  • You trust, you get trusted more. More you get trusted, Your business grows still more.
  • You seed Trust, you reap in Business.