Why join eGrowth / How it works

eGrowth@Biz, puts your business on growth track. It allows you to look at finer details of your business. It exposes gaps in your approach and delivery. As you address these gaps, your business starts to break barriers. You keep on creating records hitherto unheard of.
The next question is ….How do such unprecedented results happen…
You interact with a variety of business people. This expands your horizon and allows you to look at business from a broader perspective.

  • Your priorities, Country’s priorities, World Economy
  • Your business, Other businesses
  • Your location, Other locations
  • Smaller businesses, Larger businesses
  • High Technology businesses, Rudimentary businesses
  • And many more perspectives
You seek support from other business owners. All participants in eGrowth@Biz are eager to extend a helping hand. This provides an environment for Growth, unlike the normal business world where you get people who pull you down more often than give you that thrust to the next level

  • This allows you to create greater value in your business
  • It allows you to test your products / services at no or very little cost
  • A gap in your approach / product is disregarded and you get another chance to deliver
  • It is like Bungee jumping, you take the risk of jumping and eGrowth@Biz supports you with the harness